Rates & Fees

Term Share Certificates

The credit union offers several options for investing funds for various lengths of time. Term share rates are adjusted each Tuesday, but are fixed for the term of the investment you purchase.

There is a 90 DAYS interest penalty for early withdrawal of term share funds.

Rates accurate as of 07/31/2019. Dividends are subject to change without prior notification, but rates are fixed for the term of the account. Fees may reduce earnings on accounts. Call for current rates. Current members click here to purchase a certificate or to add services.

Terms for Accounts Minimum Amount Payment of Interest Current ANNUAL PERCENTAGE YIELD
6 Month Money Market $10,000 Paid Monthly not compounded 0.75%
5 Month $500 Paid Quarterly 0.50%
6 Month $500 Paid Quarterly 0.50%
9 Month $500 Paid Quarterly 0.65%
12 Month $500 Paid Quarterly 1.01%
18 Month $500 Paid Quarterly 1.26%
24 Month $500 Paid Quarterly 1.31%
30 Month $500 Paid Quarterly 1.36%
36 Month $500 Paid Quarterly 1.41%
48 Month $500 Paid Quarterly 1.56%
60 Month $500 Paid Quarterly 1.76%
LifeStyle - 8 Month $1,000 Paid Quarterly 0.60%

IRA Investment Opportunities

IRA Traditional / Roth Minimum Amount Payment of Interest Current ANNUAL PERCENTAGE YIELD
9 Month Term CD $500 Paid Quarterly 0.65%
18 Month Term CD $500 Paid Quarterly 1.26%
60 Month Term CD $500 Paid Quarterly 1.76%
IRA Savings / No term $5 Paid Quarterly 0.25%

IRA Rates Effective 07/31/2019

Dividends on Share/Savings Accounts

Account Type Balance to earn Dividend / Minimum Balance ANNUAL PERCENTAGE YIELD
Regular Shares: (Includes Xmas Savings and Special Savings) $50
Minimum Balance: $50.00
Superdraft Checking: (No minimum balance required to maintain) $1,000
No Minimum Balance
Senior Checking: $1,000
No Minimum Balance
IRA Savings: $5
Minimum Balance: $5.00

Dividends quoted are for the period of April, May, June 2019. Dividends are subject to change without prior notification. Click here for specific account disclosures. Fees may reduce earnings on accounts.

Loan Rates

Home Equity NO 3.85% APR
Home Equity LOC NO 4.99% APR - Intro Rate For 36 Months / Disclosures
New/Used Auto NO 3.25% APR - up to 60 months (based on model year)
New Auto Terms 4.25% APR - $15,000.00 and up - 72 months
4.25% APR - $30,000.00 and up - 84 months
Unsecured / Personal YES 9.90% APR
Pledge Loan YES 6.90% APR
VISA Credit Card YES 3.99% APR - Intro Rate for 12 months / Disclosure

*Loan rates are effective 10/11/2018. Call for current rates.


Insufficient funds (Drafts and ACH) $35.00 Per Item
Overdraft / Courtesy Pay $35.00 Per Item
Excess overdrafts into savings beyond 6 per month $20.00 Per Draft
Stop Payments $20.00 Single /$25.00 Group
Stop Payment / ACH $20.00 per item, pre-authorized withdrawals
Photocopies $7.00 Per Draft
Deposited Item Return $25.00 Per Item
Wire Transfer / Outgoing $20.00 Per Transfer
Bad Address Fee (not reported to credit union) $5.00
Certified Check $5.00
Christmas Savings Closure $25.00 if closed before yearly distribution
Checking Account Closure $10.00
Maximum Access Checking & Student Advantage Account - Monthly Service Charge $5.00
Account Reconciliation $25.00 / Hour
Account Research $25.00 / Hour
Subordination of Lien $25.00
Write of Execution / Garnishment $100.00
IRS Levy $25.00
Escheat Fee $75.00
Closed Account $25.00 and loss of accrued dividends if closed within 30 days of opening
Dormant Account $5.00 monthly when the account balance is less than $500.00 and there is no activity for 12 consecutive months or more. A deposit or withdrawal will reset the dormancy calculation on your account
**Any account which has an aggregate balance of $1.00 or less will be closed and the funds applied to an account closing fee.

*Fees effective 8/08/2018

ATM/Debit Card Fees

Deposits, transfers, and purchase transactions are always free. Plus you get two free ATM withdrawals per month.

Other transactions and fees are as follows:

All other transactions (after two free withdrawals per month) $1.50 Per Transaction
Card replacement fee $5.00 Per Card
ATM Overdraft Fee / Courtesy Pay Fee $35.00 Per Item
Balance Inquiry Fee $1.50 Per Inquiry
PIN Mailer $5.00
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